Our Vision


With the recent advancement technology reaching to millions of people and telling them your story is just one touch away. Distance isn’t a limiting factor anymore. Big Companies have had a monopoly on the advertisement since the era of television began. But with the rise of Social Media, small business can also take advantage of advertising. They can now think of competing against the big players in their niche and win it. Our mission is to help these small companies to harness the power of Social Media properly and and help them communicate with their audience properly, help them convey their message and allow them to help their potential customers by giving them value. We live in the best time of advertising. TV ads are expensive, broad and the ROI is minimal. The leading companies of today were made because they were able to identify the power of television ads then and utilize it properly when is was efficient. Social Media Advertiments are cheap, efficient and very targeted which makes sure that your brand’s ads are shown to only those people who have shown interest in something related to it. It has tremendous ROI and with its trackability function we can know where we are earning the most.  With proper guidence we provide to these small business it won’t be difficult for them to become the best in their niche.

digixads.com has only one mission which is to help the small companies of today harness the power of Social Media and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Meet the team!

Haameem Hashmi

Perfectionist and Punctual


A rare combination of perfectionist and punctual. He believes doing everything to the best so that no one can beat him and on time, even if it does require sleepless nights nor skipping meals.  Has a beard of which everyone is jealous, but more importantly a down to earth and humble person who makes working with him easier than making Maggie. Marketing being his field of interest, doesn’t fail to know a little more about it each day without fail. He is a man of few words.

Saksham Tiwari

Creative And Numbers Guy


The person behind taking every measure the website load is less than 3 seconds. He makes sure that he is knows the numbers, be it a marketing campaign, or budget optimization or  the companies data. He is always analysis them and making sense of it. A person who believes that you have to keep yourself always updated to the latest news from any feild he gets his hands on. Books are his weak point. He reads whatever he can get his hands on from Science, to managments to fiction to self-help to psychology. He makes sure that he is always learning something new to make sure the clients are always above their competition.